Transport Tycoon music, ESS AudioDrive FM version

This page is dedicated to the goodness of old FM synthseizers and the sound reproduction often heard before wavetable synthseizers became something everyone had. Specifically the sound as it's reproduced by my old ESS AudioDrive 1668 ISA card.

Even more specifically, you can download various music from this page, recorded from said cards speaker out, and encooded to MP3 format. This is being done in the hope that it will bring back good memories from the old days of DOS gaming. So far, I've only recorded Transport Tycoon music, but it's my plan to record some tracks from various other games as well.

A big thanks goes to Owen Rudge for hosting this page and all the music files on it, it wouldn't be possible without you! Remember to visit the Transport Tycoon forums where all the Transport Tycoon fans meet up.


Transport Tycoon music downloads

All this wonderful music is composed by John Broomhall, and not heard anywhere else, as far as I know. All the files are encoded with Lame in 128 kbps 44.1 kHz mono, with q=0. This should be almost indistinguishable from the original sound. Enjoy!

Other recordings

Section added February 9th 2020.